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After leaving my fledgling career in Special Education and dropping out of graduate school to teach yoga full time, I’m currently experiencing the joys and challenges of holding two part-time jobs: teaching creative arts to elementary school-aged children and freelancing as a vinyasa yoga teacher at several local studios.

Aside from my semi-regular yoga practice, humor writing is one of the few healthy ways I cope with the stress and uncertainty that accompanies being a relatively young, single person struggling to find his way and make ends meet in the Boston area.

I’ll be using this site mostly to showcase my writing. Some of it will be serious, some of it will be funny. But if I don’t make you laugh or if you hate what you read, be sure to leave a nasty or passive-aggressive comment, and I’ll be sure to never reply.

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  1. Good afternoon Michael, I am the owner of The Stowe Yoga Retreat Center in beautiful Stowe,Vermont. I’m inviting a number of Boston yoga instructoirs to stay here for a retreat weekend as my guests. Do you have an email addres that you could send me? Thank you, Gerry

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