“…But first, let me take a #yogaselfie”


Practicing yoga has been the single most powerful force in my life, and as irreverent as I can sometimes be about it, I am consistently in awe and appreciation of the beauty, grace, and positivity that a mindful practice of movement and breath allow me to feel. The postures themselves hold a certain beauty and nobility that can often be quite breathtaking to witness, especially those that look “fancy” and are challenging to get into.

The various shapes we take on as yoga practitioners are in many ways a celebration of the beauty, strength and amazing capabilities of the human body, and they are often captured in quite stunning ways by photographers. These images can be inspirational and serve as a testament to the amazing power of the physical practice. But on the flip side, since the rampant rise of social media, namely instagram, many yogis have crossed the line from a playful little display of their asana into full on “asshat-asana” that’s just a ridiculous display of narcissism.

So you figured out how to do a handstand or a scorpion forearm balance? Congratulations. That’s awesome. Seriously. But do we need to see copious photos of you doing those poses in your undies? Cause let’s be real, you guys, there’s a pretty ridiculous number of yogis out there posting pics of themselves that leave very little to the imagination…And do you really need to do a fucking handstand, arm balance, or acro yoga pose literally everywhere you go? Yeah, we get it, yoga is awesome, you’re a badass. But honestly, I don’t need daily impromptu yoga photoshoots of y’all clogging up my instagram and Facebook newsfeeds. So go do your #365handstandchallenge and rock the fuck out, but if you’re gonna post a daily pic you can just go take the whole hashtag and shove it up your asana.

And I’ll be the first to admit that I have at times made my friends snap a pic or two of me on the beach doing a handstand. It’s fun sometimes, and honestly I might need some fresh pics for my website and for marketing purposes. Do I do a handstand pretty much every time I’m on the beach because I can and because it’s fun? Maybe. But do I make sure someone’s there to document it so I can post it to my instagram? Not necessarily… Just like pretty much everything in life, yoga pics and public displays of yoga are awesome in moderation. When yogis feel the need to show off their sick, badass ninja warrior skills everywhere they go and post about it all the friggin time, that’s when they might want to take a step back and consider whether they’ve crossed the line from fun, occasional performance art into a full blown circus of narcissism.

So, yeah, do #yogaeverydamnday. Do all the badass fancy pants poses you want. Do them because you can and because they make you feel good. Seriously. Have a ball. But don’t have one every single time you’re in the park or on the beach or on the sidewalk, or even at the bar. We don’t need to see all that shit all the time. Your Facebook friends and instagram followers honestly wouldn’t mind it if you curbed your enthusiasm a little and kept some of it to yourself.

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