Yoga Schedule

My current schedule of yoga classes:


9:15 AM Vinyasa at Centre Yoga, Lynnfield
7:45 PM Slow Flow at Wonder Yoga


9:15 AM Vinyasa at Centre Yoga, Peabody


8:45 AM Vinyasa at Spirit Bear Power Yoga
10:45 AM Vinyasa at Wonder Yoga


8:45 AM Vinyasa at Wonder Yoga
4:30 PM Vinyasa at Lexington Power Yoga
5:45 PM Relax & Renew at LPY

7 thoughts on “Yoga Schedule

  1. Look at you Michael Mann. So proud of you and so proud to know you and watch you grow in your teaching. I saw you’re teaching the 6 am in Lexington and I am bound and determined to get there. I’ve been nursing a hip injury but the 6am time frame is the only time of the day that I can practice so as soon as I can, I’ll be there.


  2. I was happy to find your schedule somewhere online, not to mention your awesome playlists. Happy to see you also teach in Charlestown, I will try to make those classes in addition to Melrose!


    1. thanks erica. always love having you in class! would be great to see you in charlestown. i’m going to start teaching a 4:30pm saturday class there starting the first week of may.

  3. Dear Michael Mann. I do not know you… Just read you. If you ever come to India to Puttaparthi – Im starting on a yoga/wellness place close to an asram. Maybe sometime you could come and give a Class. Best of Luck!

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